Prayag Biscuits & Cakes

Prayag Biscuits & Cakes' is slated for a strong hold in the highly competitive but ever expanding biscuit and cakes market.

The credit for the establishment of 'Prayag Biscuits & Cakes' as a preferred brand across whole of Eastern part of India goes to its robust and wide distribution network. Prayag firmly believes that consistent focus on quality is what will set them for growth in leaps and bounds. The product is ISO certified which adds lot of assurance to the consumers, towards the stringent quality control tests followed by the Company.

Prayag Biscuits & Cakes' definitely aims to be socially extending its hands for generation of employment and with its quality production, will reach the epitome of success.

Prayag Bourbon
Prayag Butter Magic
Prayag Cream Cracker
Prayag Cream Delite
Prayag Doosra
Prayag Ener-G
Prayag Marie
Prayag Milky
Prayag Orang
Prayag Short Cake
Prayag Snackii
Prayag Soda Cracker
Prayag Nice
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