Prayag Fisheries

Prayag Fisheries was setup in 2008 at Rajendranagar, Naihati, West Bengal. This model unit is equipped with a hatchery producing eggs, fingerlings, charapona, dimpona to fully grown fresh water fish. The varieties of fish supplied to the market are Rohu, Catla, Mrigel, Silver carp, Grass carp, Pangas, Chitol and many more. We are working our way towards taking this successful model hatchery unit to other parts of India which have water bodies in abundance.Efforts are given to develop a district level network to market the fish produced.

A joint venture with Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) has taken shape in Prayag Ornamental Fish Breeding Unit at Naihati as a model unit where ornamental fish of different kinds are bred mostly to cater to the demand of the export market. This unit, complete with a hatchery and breeding facility, is poised to be one of the largest in India. With the recognition of ornamental fish breeding business as global trade potential, tremendous opportunities have opened up in recent years in India for the export of ornamental fish. This profitable model unit of breeding a variety of fresh water ornamental fish that are in high demand will be implemented in other suitable rural and urban locations of eastern and north-eastern India in coming years. For tread enquiry contact no: 9674745884

We are also offering custom made aquarium for house hold or office use. This beautifully decorated aquarium will have colorful fish of your choice. We will take responsibility for annual maintenance after installations as well as replace of old fish with new verities. For details contact No: 9674745884

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