Prayag Food Processing

Prayag Group has geared up to enter this huge, fast developing Industry and make a profitable headway into it, after making a thorough research on the market potentials of the urban and the rural sectors, and studying the needs and usage patterns of the consumers.

The food processing sector is a highly fragmented industry. It widely comprises of the following sub-segments: fruits and vegetables, milk and milk products, beer and alcoholic beverages, meat and poultry, marine products, grain processing, packaged or convenience food and packaged drinks.

Prayag's Food Processing division has taken steps to manufacture high quality authentic & ethnic Indian processed foods and market a few consumer products initially. It is about to launch a range of value priced and packaged consumer products in the market, namely, Pickles, Spice Pastes, Instant Mixes, Ketchup & Sauces, Fruit Juices, Fruit Pulps, Milk and Dairy Products etc.

With the rise in per capita income, literacy rate, life expectancy and wellness awareness, the consumers constantly demand a variety of quality products for their day to day needs. Prayag's determination to give true value for money to its customers will once again bestablished when these products hit the market.

  • Highly fragmented Industry
  • Huge Potential & Ready Market
  • Fast Developing Industry
  • Demand for Value Priced Products

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