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Prayag Organics Pvt Ltd was set up to meet the growing demand for high value fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, spices, flowers, medicinal herbs, etc. without the use of harmful or toxic chemicals, but only using organic fertilizers and insecticides instead. Ever since its inception, the company has been on a path of steady growth, aiding in the production of environment and health friendly food crops.

Prayag Gold is the popular organic fertilizer produced and marketed by Prayag Organics. This product is rich in plant nutrients and is absolutely free of any chemical which has been proven to be harmful to humans.

Under this project the solid waste is collected and processed at the fully equipped compost plant and organic manure is produced. This manure, branded as 'Prayag Gold' is completely free of harmful chemicals and is added with special nutrients to enhance the crop yield.

The company has plans to set up this successful waste management model in other cities as well which are reeling with the disposal problems of such wastes and is facing environmental hazards. This will not only attempt to solve such serious problems, but also increase the production of Prayag Gold.

With the growning concern for the health hazards contributed by the use of chemicals in the agriculture industry, organic farming practices are being encouraged and implemented zealously everywhere around the globe.

As a result this particular organic fertilizer of Prayag Organics has received overwhelming response in the market, both in India and abroad.

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