Prayag Social Welfare Society

This division of Prayag Group is actively working towards betterment for the society. It provides basic and medical support to victims of natural disasters and calamity. It has given its support and aid to the victims of 'Aila' in 2008, the devastating cyclone which had taken a heavy toll on human lives and property. It has also extended its support to flood affected victims in various parts of eastern India.

Prayag Social Welfare Society is also actively involved in organizing frequent medical camps which are held all over West Bengal and neighbouring states for the weaker section of the society. One such significant camp is being held every year at the holy Shiva temple in Devghar during the Shravana Purnima when roughly one lakh devotees turn up for the worship of the deity.

This Welfare Society is going to start a free mobile health care service to people living below the poverty line in different parts of eastern India. A fully equipped ambulance accompanied by a doctor and a nurse will make the rounds and dispense medicine and treatment to the needy.

Supporting sports activity and nurturing sports talent amongst younger generation is also on the cards of Prayag Social Welfare Society. This is done by regularly organizing free football and cricket camps at various parts of eastern and north-eastern India.

As an effort to provide quality education and training to the young generation, the Prayag Social Welfare Society has big plans to open up academic institutions in various streams like - Hotel Management, Film making, Law, Agriculture, Horticulture, Fishery, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences. The best talents thus nurtured will be absorbed in various projects and activities of the Prayag Group.

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